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BFI Future Film Festival 2014 

The idea behind my BFI FFF poster was ignited behind the idea of two main key words which were making and developing. One of the key elements which was provided as part of the brief was the whole idea of providing young talents with opportunities in the festival workshops to help harness and develop their talents. This lead me to creating the slogan 'Developing Future Film Makers'. I wanted the visual to portray the idea of developing and actually have an element of something I made so the action of it would also communicate the underlining message. I used the medium of film reels because of the action of it being developed as well as the relevance it had in the film industry. It also was used as a metaphor for the slogan of my poster 'developing'. Using the strips of film I created a 3 dimensional imagery of a camera which was also used as a metaphor in representing the audience for which it was intended for; the young film makers. 

I also created a hyper-lapse videography as an extension to the poster to be used in the commercial advertising of me creating the camera from scratch to the image you see in the poster. 

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