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BFI Expressionist Film Festival

This was a self initiated project about the government cutting the arts fund in 2013. This issue was something really close to me and wanted to express the importance of the arts in our culture, society and especially our education. A lot of my visuals was inspired from the German expressionist film era and also movies which created a lot of expressionist movements throughout the years such as 'The Red Shoes', Nosferatu and Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'. So using this element as my medium I created a film festival to bring awareness of how much the arts contribute to the UK economy. The poster reads 'In 2011 the government made cuts to the arts education funding. The UK film industry contributes more that £8 billion towards the UK economy. Show your support to the importance of the Arts in our education by visiting for more information and to get tickets for upcoming screenings.'.

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