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Warner Bros The Goonies GIF

For the 20 years anniversary of The Goonies Warner Brothers Home Entertainment (WBHE) set out a brief to create and capture the adventures and journey of the legendary Goonies for the re-release of the 4K version of The Goonies, the iconic story of a group of young misfits who discover an ancient map and set out on an adventure to find a legendary pirates long lost treasure. 

The brief was to create an animated GIF sticker pack inspired by the movie. One of the biggest takes I had from the movies were the memorable props and quotes used in the movie. My design focus for the GIF designs was based on the famous quotes and prop names so created my own illustrated typography design emulating and paying homage to One Eyed Willy's treasure representing the journey of the characters. I researched typography used during the pirating era as I wanted to set the typography apart from the famously used Goonies typography which was used on the movie posters so the GIFS can be more broadly used on the socials and also I wanted it to have a sense of flow to it to sit well with the animation and overall pirate representation.   

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