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NHS Give Blood  Poster

The brief set was to create inspiring artwork to encourage a new community of NHS blood donors with the messaging “Be a hero, join our community of blood donors. Ready to help when your NHS needs you”. The client wanted for us to create a bold and uplifting artwork that rallies people to join the community of blood donors and help the NHS when they are needed. The NHS particularly needs more people of black heritage to help patients with sickle cell, people who have O negative, B negative or A negative blood groups and male donors to come forward.

For this brief I wanted to translate to the audience the need for blood donations. The immediate visual that comes to mind when talking about blood donation is a blood bag but I didn't want to portray blood bags full of blood which isn't the message we want to put across. So I bought some blood bags and using plastic melting techniques and some fake blood created a series of typographic blood bags and also a power fist visual (portraying superhero ideology) and had them photographed. I wanted the poster to fit in with the NHS give blood brand identity which was one of the reasons I chose to use photography as a medium, so had the striking visuals of the blood bags used as a main focus and kept the the rest of the poster very clean and simple referencing to different information about each blood type in each of the poster.

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