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ZSL Land of the Lions

In the summer of 2016 the Zoological Society of London had the reopening of the lions rebranded as Land of the Lions. The brief was to create an installation within the main gift shop to connect the Indian styled branding used in the lions enclosure and crossover and translate it into the commercial retail environment so consistency could be kept with the newly introduced Land of the Lions branded products. Working alongside the interpretation team,within the remote enclosure one of the key elements which they had used throughout was the Indian flower garlands traditionally used as a celebratory necklace. 

Taking this element we used it as the sole medium to represent the newly introduced Asiatic lions ad to keep the consistency within the lion enclosure and the main gift shop in a more visual representation of the lions so customers could find the connection from their experience at the enclosure to when they are exiting through the main gift shop.

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